Memory chip

Product parameter

domestic high-bandwidth, low-latency HBM 2D memory chip

Application:video streaming and conferencing products

Payment methods

1. We only accept cryptocurrency payments.

2. To place an order on our website, you need to provide your email address, your full name, address and telephone number. Also indicate the full delivery address, select the transport company and the cryptocurrency in which you will pay.

3. You will be sent a confirmation email if you have successfully reserved the miner. The letter will contain a Proforma Invoice for payment in the cryptocurrency you have chosen. The course will be fixed for 24 hours. Please send proof of payment in an email with your contact information.

4. Delivery will be arranged within 5 business days after the deadline indicated on the product card. Shipping costs are automatically calculated and covered by customers.

5. Here we supply half a year's warranty after sales.

Purchase Guideline

In-stock purchase

1.Power cable is included.

2.Delivery Time: Order will be processed and shipped within 5 business days after full payment.

3.Shipping is by Air Freight via DHL , Fedex or EMS.

4.Any Improper misuse not according to the operating manual under specified condition will waive product’s limited warranty, and iPollo will not be responsible for any damages caused by this.

5.Product photos are realistic representation of the product, but might not be 100% accurate.

For more details or ordering, please contact us:

After-sales policy

The nature of this product is not consumer electronics for life, all orders are made to the needs specified by customers to use on designated server, no returns or exchange will be allowed other than factory defect. i.e. product not within specification. Please contact our service team for after-sales repair issues. Product comes with 180 days warranty from the date of shipment, out of warranty repairs can be serviced at an expense. Working time of after-sale service is 9:00 am to 10:30 pm Beijing time, service includes remote helping, Q&A, diagnosis, etc. All service inquiries will be responded within 48 hours, repair work can be expected within 7-10 working days (shipping time not included). If the customer's site is concentrated and the number of machines is large, professional engineers can be dispatched to repair.

After-sales precautions

1. Free maintenance

1.1 Complementary repair service including freight is provided for within warranty period under the specified use according to the manual.

1.2 For within warranty period, please create a maintenance order online (the creation time of the maintenance order is subject to the display on website), and send the product to our maintenance point within 7 days from the creation of maintenance order. Warranty eligibility will be determined on the date product arrives at our repair center.

2. Not eligible for repair under Following conditions:

2.1 If any of the Following condition exists, repair service will not be able to enjoy.

(1)Loss of miner;

(2)Third party software related damage;

(3)Any replica product of iPollo;

(4)Situation that external scratch, hair line crack, and stains caused by manufacturing or user error, not affecting the performance of the miner;

(5)Scrap: including but not limited to board burning, product corrosion / oxidation, chip pad pin falling off, PCB fracture, board hole blocking, use of POE switch, etc;

(6)Existed malicious insurance fraud behaviors according to our judgement, including but not limited to deliberately forging or replacing the barcode of products or parts, or other behaviors of taking advantage of the loopholes in terms in order to obtain after-sales maintenance services that should not be enjoyed. Please note that if the bar code of the product or component is replaced, the product or component with the bar code replaced and the product or component with non local bar code will not be repaired.

2.2 For miners not eligible for repair, customer needs to pay for return freight both ways and storage fee. Then the return of product is feasible.

3. Billed repair

3.1 If any of the following condition exists, customer will be billed for repair.

(1)Product out of warranty.

Including: When the maintenance order is created (the creation time of the maintenance order is subject to the display on website), the product has passed the warranty period; The product does not arrive at the maintenance point within the period required by 4.1.2 of this article, and the product has passed the warranty period when it arrives.

(2)Product with a voided warranty.

If any of the Following condition exists, the product warranty is void.

Improper use of the product, not following the operating manual for installation, use, repair, or maintain the product as instructed causes damage to the machine;

Damage or loss caused by falling, damage, accident, theft, misuse, abuse, negligence, misoperation, improper installation, non-conforming maintenance and storage, etc;

Damages caused by physical issue, including but not limited to dam, corrosive humid environment, improper shipping, and ambient temperature or other abnormal working conditions, etc.

Miner or plate and the components on the plate are crushed, broken, burned, or damaged due to improper operation;

Damages Caused by over voltage, under voltage, or leaking;

Damage caused by abnormal ambient temperature that doesn’t meet the operating temperature;

Damages caused by any moisture or corrosive related elements on any parts;

Damages caused by unforeseeable disasters, including but not limited to, flood, lighting, fire, earthquake, thunder, etc;

Damages caused by any repairs, modification or disassembling through unofficial authorized agency;

Damages caused by using inferior power cable or any power cable or parts that is not authorized by iPollo;

Any unauthorized hardware modification or alteration by third parties;

Any unauthorized software modification or alteration by third parties;

Any damage caused by using incompatible operating systems, both hardware and software;

Data damage or loss due to improper use;

Any damages or alteration to the warranty sticker;

Any damages or alteration to the serial number;

Normal wear and tear;

Unable to judge whether the product is within the warranty period due to reasons other than our company.

(3)Any damages due to improper packaging during shipping (including bare metal transportation, without pearl cotton and other cushioning packaging materials).

3.2 For billed repair, we will provide a quote upon inspection and return the repaired product or replacement product after payment is received.